I am Micha?, amateur of photography from Poland.I have 26 years old and I have been portraying people for 3 years. I am living and working in historical polish city Wroc?aw. Personally I am lover of fantasy books, vikings and redhead women.
I am self taught phtographer and my speciality are creative fantasy/gothic style portraits. I am working mainly with my beautiful girlfriend and famous alterrnative model: Revena.
I want to share here photos taken by me with beautiful polish alternative models and fashion designers.

You can also find me on social platforms:
facebook: http://www.fb.com/wikingart"> fb.com/wikingart
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wikingart/"> instagram.com/wikingart

Latest publications:
Digital Camera Polska [PL] - www.digitalcamerapolska.pl/inspiracje/2502-michal-piotrowski-fotograf-swiata-fantasy-wasze-zdjecia
Shutterpass Magazine [EN] - www.shutterpass.com/?p=392

If You want to find more of my art works, You can visit my 500px site:
http://500px.com/wikingart"> 500px.com/wikingart